Hands-on, On-site Training
Learn Maintenance training is designed to ensure that learning occurs. Our goal is to teach participants to effectively and efficiently troubleshoot and correct problems encountered in our clients' equipment. Our methodology, with which a Learn Maintenance instructor must be proficient, has proven to be very successful in accomplishing this.
Learn Maintenance instructors are skilled at teaching students how to use various testing instruments to troubleshoot problems on lab trainers designed by Learn Maintenance to closely simulate problems found in equipment on the plant floor. Even the discussion portions of the training are highly interactive while the instructor is demonstrating topics; the students are taking measurements and making calculations in their workbooks.
Socratic Instructional Method
Learn Maintenance employs the Socratic Instructional Method of training that requires the instructor to use skillfully formulated questions to lead the students to predetermined conclusions regarding knowledge of the basics of the subject as well as the use of troubleshooting techniques and repair procedures that apply to the subject.
Audio-visual aids
The instructors use overhead projectors to display every page as the class moves throughout the workbook. The workbooks then become particularly suitable job aids for retrieval of information by students while on the job later.
Periodic Review
An appropriate use of repetition has proven time and again to facilitate learning, and if used properly, it allows the materials being presented to be referenced back and tied in with previously covered materials.
Effective and Enjoyable
In addition to making participants proficient troubleshooters and repairmen, training that is fun produces these additional benefits: it reduces their fear and anxiety; it builds their self-confidence; it improves their attitudes; and it permits them to enjoy success.

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