Learn Maintenance's goal is to provide you with effective training which, when employed on the job, will help you decrease maintenance and operational costs and increase your quality and productivity. To accomplish our goal we make the following commitments to you:

Our Commitment to You
1. You will be provided with an instructor who is an experienced troubleshooter in the subject he teaches and who is certified in effective Learn Maintenance training methodology.

2. Every participant will have at least 50% hands-on activities in a workshop.

3. Every participant will receive a customized workbook for each course they take. This is not a conventional textbook, but rather a specialized tool designed to actively engage the participants in the workshop, and which makes a particularly suitable "job aid" while troubleshooting the job.

4. All participants who successfully complete the workshop will receive a "Certificate of Achievement" with the appropriate Continuing Education Units (CEU).

5. You will receive telephone assistance prior to the workshop to customize the training to suit your exact needs and after the training for reinforcement of learning.

6. You may videotape the workshop for later retrieval of information by the participants while on the job.

7. Your operations will be unaffected by Learn Maintenance during the training- we bring in all our own equipment.

8. Quality Control Procedures are performed on a periodic basis to ensure that customer needs are met. The quality auditing process includes external audits of the product delivery process from a students' and clients' perspective. In addition to the customer audits, local and global audits of internal departmental process functions are performed on a semi-annual basis.

Our training commitment to you
On-Site Delivery

On-site training has several of the following distinct advantages over other forms of training.

1. You save thousands of dollars in travel and per diem costs.

2. You have the opportunity to train more people on-site than you could in a public workshop at a lower cost.

3. You can customize on-site courses to better suit your plant needs.

4. You need not worry about participants unintentionally discussing company proprietary information if the training is confined to your facility.

5. You can have an integrated program developed with several courses to meet your specific needs.

6. Supervisors have the opportunity to sit in on the training- to see what the students are really learning.

7. You have a live instructor to answer questions and interact with you and your participants.


We are so confident that you will benefit from Learn Maintenance training, that we offer you an unconditional guarantee of satisfaction. If for any reason you are dissatisfied with the training, and if there is nothing that we can do to remedy the problem to your satisfaction, you will owe us nothing. No questions asked!.

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